Online Trainings

Crossroads started on line tranings to fulfil the requirements of the technology age. We offer flexibility, allowing a large number of participants to attend at their locations, making it ideal for busy professionals.
Online Training

Leadership Strategies to Mitigate Cognitiva Bias

How much awareness do the managers have about their biases?

This half-day condensed programe targets to increase the awareness of team managers about their cognitive biases and also targets to support the inclusive company culture.

Learning Outcomes
  • Why are the differences important?
  • What do individual differences mean?
  • The impact area of our thoughts
  • How can we bring the actions into life?
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Online Training

Organisational Savvy Training

How can you define your impact area within your company?

This one-day program is designed to help participants maximise their ability to influence and persuade. The program develops participants’ ability to drive the right initiatives in the organisation without positional power and to build / maintain positive relationships with their stakeholders. The program dives deeply into the often unspoken areas of organisational life such as power dynamics, human nature, navigating multiple agendas and cultures, building and maintaining trust, and self-promotion.

Learning Outcomes
  • Dramatically increase organisational awareness
  • New skills and strategies to increase ability to impact others in the organisation and collaborate effectively
  • Greater sense of empowerment in taking responsibility for career progression in a high integrity manner
  • Improved influence, persuasion and stakeholder management
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Online Training

Feedback Workshop

Do we really know how to give and receive feedback?

This half-day program aims to provide you with the basics of feedback, types of feedback, and any kind of competencies you want to know about receiving and giving feedback, along with animation (roleplay) studies at the same time.

Learning Agenda
  • Feedback and types of feedback
  • Differences between Coaching, Performance Review and Feedback
  • Performance Review
  • Preparation for Feedback Meeting
  • STAR ve STAR-AR Feedback Models and Examples
  • Role-Playing with scenarios
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Online Training

Succeeding in a Matrix Environment Training

How can employees from different working culture succeed together?

This one-day program focuses on taking decisions together, creating synergy, and factors required to be successful for the teams working together in a matrix environment and in condition that team members are coming from different working cultures.

Learning Agenda
  • Matrix organisation and the difficulties of working in a matrix organisation
  • Importance of personality factors
  • Personality factors histograme
  • Trust within a team
  • Feedback
  • Collaborative Communication
  • The process of the evaluation of others
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Online Training

Constructive Debate Training

How constructive is your communication style within a working group?

This one-day program has been designed to build participants capability to deliver constructive debates to help maximise their influence and drive a culture of innovation and collaboration across our business.

Learning Outcomes
  • Understand how to structure a constructive debate
  • Know how to challenge others in the right way
  • Have the ability to manage your emotions effectively
  • Be able to maximise the way you communicate with different personality preferences
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