Crossroads facilitators can work with teams and groups within organisations to help them resolve difficult challenges.

Providing process, challenge and support

We have experience of:

  • helping teams to work together more effectively, by helping them identify and overcome the obstacles that exist within the team.
  • helping collective decision making when different interests need to be reconciled.
  • helping groups work with data, such as the output from employee surveys and customer feedback.

Crossroads has worked with a number of organisations to build high-performing teams and strengthen teamwork.

Building a high-performance team

Typical cases include:

  • teams where some or all of the members are new and where the sense of being a team needs to be created.
  • teams facing new challenges and needing to find a new, more successful way of working together to meet those challenges.
  • cross-company teams created for a project which must be carried out within a tight deadline.


  • The key principles of high-performing teams, developed by Katzenbach and Smith, are identified.
  • Through exercises and facilitated discussions, the team measures its performance against these principles and agrees where and how they can improve.
  • The team creates a series of action plans that will i,mplement the changes they have agreed.

In all these cases we use the team’s real issues to work on the skills and approaches needed to be a high-performing team. These workshops often involve facilitation to resolve challenges – both internal and external – that the team is facing.

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We believe strongly that people learn by doing. That is why our training approach is interactive and practical. Our trainings are based on based on role plays.
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